The Melbourne Solar System

Along the Port Phillip Bay coastline from St Kilda to Port Melbourne exists a 1 to 1 billion scale model of the solar system. I’m yet to meet either a native Melburnian or a tourist who is aware of this installation.
On Sunday my other half and I started from the Westport Reserve carpark in Port Melbourne, and walked from Pluto, taking in all of the planets until we reached the sun in St Kilda… and back again.

I took some pictures (poorly, on my phone) to share:

Saturn, Earth and the Sun

It’s a convenient scale on which to visualise the actual size of the universe. When we learn about the solar system in primary school, pictures are spread over a page or maybe two which results in the distances between the planets being grossly under-represented. Walking along the planet trail lets you appreciate the grand scale of the solar system, and how tiny we are in comparison.

If you’re interested in following the planet trail, you can find more information here.

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