ABC 7:30 Report on vaccination

Tonight the ABC aired a report on the death of baby Dana McCaffery from whooping cough and the rise of the anti-vaccination movement in Australia. Although the report concluded favourably on the view that vaccination is an absolute public health necessity, journalists continue to insist on sticking to their ‘2 sides to every story’ dogma.

Interviews with paediatricians and the McCaffery family were given more air time than Meryl Dorey, the Australian Vaccination Network and the NSW North Coast new-age hippies but I feel that the naming and acknowledgement in particular of the AVN is unecessary. It gives those already erring towards an anti-vaccination stance somewhere to start their search for more (mis-)information. There was no mention of any other organisation or information source that would guide parents to some real, evidence-based information on vaccinations.

Organisations such as the AVN breed fear, paranoia and distrust of science and medicine, and don’t deserve to be given the publicity afforded to them by the 7:30 report. I’d bet a million bucks that there will be more Google searches for ‘Australian Vaccination Network’ than for ‘NSW Department of Health’ as a result of that report tonight.


One Comment on “ABC 7:30 Report on vaccination”

  1. annymorris says:

    Oh, the vaccination theme is a really hot stuff today! I guess that the problem really lies on that people who are non-informed about its advantages and its risk. Yes, some people die from the anaphylactic shock induced by the vaccine thus this percent will be higher without vaccine at all. Parents don’t know how to check the quality of the vaccine. As for me, vaccination is necessary especially for babies because human-child is the most unpreserved among whole line of animals. Mother’s milk protects it only till the age of 6 months. And then it has to fight for its life on its own.

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