A bad article from the ABC about swine flu vaccination

On Saturday the ABC published this online news article about the national swine flu vaccination program.

They followed up this online article with an interview starring Queen Crazy herself, Meryl Dorey on ABC News Radio. Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy is a true mate of Aussie skeptics and has given this issue and airing on his blog.

I have sent the following complaint to ABC news:

Please remove this article on your news website and stop giving publicity to Meryl Dorey and the Australian Vaccination Network. The 7:30 Report also gave the AVN the publicity they crave to spread their lies and misinformation on September 2nd. At least the story on the 7:30 report contained interviews with reputable doctors. Unfortunately the same can not be said for Saturday’s article.

The development of vaccines against fatal diseases is one of the great triumphs of science. No longer do children have to die, or suffer permanent disability from diseases like measles and polio.
Meryl Dorey and the AVN, by spreading lies about vaccines are putting the lives of Australian children at risk.

When reporting matters that concern public health, experts quoted in articles should be MEDICAL DOCTORS or public health professionals. Not crazy people promoting a dangerous agenda.

I like to keep it short, sweet and to the point. If you feel strongly about this issue, as I do, please contact the ABC and let them know of your disappointment.

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