Quack homeopath and wife jailed for daughter’s manslaughter

As their 9 month old baby girl suffered from oozing skin sores and malnutrition that turned her black hair white, Thomas and Manju Sam gave their daughter homeopathic ‘treatments’ and refused to seek proper medical help for their daughter until it was too late.

Baby Gloria’s father has been sentenced to 6 years jail, while her mother has been sentenced to 4.

This story from The Age, contains the following quote

Thomas Sam was sentenced to at least six years in jail, with a maximum sentence of eight years. Additional consideration was given to the fact he was treating his young daughter.

This statement is ambiguous to me. The ABC article however, paints a clearer picture, saying

Thomas Sam got the longer sentence of at least six years because, as a homeopath, he had a double duty of care.

So it appears that despite that fact that Thomas Sam’s (or anybody’s for that matter) homeopathic ‘treatments’ do not work, he has failed as her alternative-medicine practitioner by not curing her?

The judge appears to be confused here, on the one hand he has sentenced the Sams to jail for manslaughter because they failed to seek treatment for their sick daughter. But on the other hand, the father, as a practicing homeopath has somehow failed in his professional duty to treat his patient by means proven to be ineffective. WTF?

Indeed, if you read the court decision notes, the judge accepts homeopathy as a legitimate method of treatment, and none of the notes from the evidence of expert witnesses suggest that any of them tried to discredit the practice of homeopathy either.

The papers have also failed to mention that the couple also have a 3 year old son, who is in good health. Although it will certainly be devastating for him to lose both parents while they are serving their jail terms, in the event that he falls ill at least he may have a chance of receiving medical attention.


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