I heart Catherine Deveny

Her blog post from today’s Age is great, and so on the money. This lady is all kinds of awesome, and I can’t wait to see her at AtheistCon next year.

An excerpt:

Things that make me wince
Australian parliamentary standing orders still requiring the House and Senate to open daily with a Christian prayer despite us supposedly being a secular state and our society supposedly being multicultural.

Australia’s continuation as a constitutional monarchy, a system that discriminates against pretty much everyone, despite our anti-discrimination laws.

The Brisbane teenager facing jail for procuring an abortion by using a pharmaceutical not easily accessible to Australian woman despite it being widely and legally available in Europe and Britain.

I’ve recently found myself embedded in the above conversations with morons pretending to be people who have said things that made me wince and think: ”Where do I start? If they don’t get the basics, what else don’t they get? Is there enough time? Can I be fagged? I’ve got to be in an old people’s home in 2048.

Onya, C-dawg. You rock.

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