Brian Cox: Professor Awesome

Last night SBS aired a program called ‘Can We Make A Star On Earth?’. It was hosted by the refreshing and enthusiastic British physicist, Brian Cox and was about the future of energy on earth, in particular nuclear fusion. Cox is an excellent science communicator, with immense passion for fundamental science and is very relatable. Before earning his PhD and whilst studying for his undergraduate degree, he played keyboards in the 90s electropop band D:Ream, best known for their hit Things Can Only Get Better.

At one point during the programme, Cox was speaking with someone (I can’t remember who) about something (I can’t remember what) but his face was just lit up with this beautiful sense of wonder about some small, elegant piece of science and it was just so inspiring.

Cox is the poster-boy of the LHC and he’s got a new book out too, ‘Why Does E=mc2 (and why should we care)?, which might just make it’s way onto my Christmas wishlist.

And, he’s even kinda cute in a dorky, Pommy-boy way…

Photo by Vincent Connare, from


One Comment on “Brian Cox: Professor Awesome”

  1. […] few years ago when I first discovered Professor Brian Cox, I wrote a gushy, crushy post about him on this very blog. Last night I had the good fortune of seeing him speak in person at the […]

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