Nerd Fashions

No self-respecting science nerd’s wardrobe is complete without a periodic table t-shirt. Case in point – myself and Other Half modelling our matchy-matchy nerd wear.

What I am about to show you however, is almost too nerdy for words. Blogger This and That knitted the following jumper for her husband.

Not only is the Periodic Table knitted across the front AND back, the left and right sleeves are species of bacteria and fungi, respectively. Wow.

I am a proud nerd girl through and through but I would never have the balls to wear that. 1 million points to the man who dons this jumper!

3 Comments on “Nerd Fashions”

  1. Avital says:

    This sweater may be nerdy but it was never intended for the humour-challenged.

    • lostinscientia says:

      What do you mean? Here in Australia the highest form of flattery is the piss-take 🙂 I didn’t mean to offend, this jumper is truly something special.

  2. I absolutely LOVE that jumper!!!!

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