Sighting: Atheist Bus Ad

Last week I took a detour on my way home from work which promptly led me to take a wrong turn. Unplanned detours are common when I deviate from my usual travel routes, especially when the inner city is involved. What with all of the one way streets, left lane must turn left, no U-turn, you are now on the un-turnaroundable street of no return directly into the mouth of hell. So I can only conclude that this was an official Act Of God, that this holy vision appeared in front of my windscreen.

I have been aware of the atheist bus campaign since the original placement of the ads on buses in London last year, and was really excited when I heard they were coming to Melbourne too. But unfortunately for me, the bus routes the ads are on only service the Northern suburbs – an area I rarely visit. So despite keeping an eye out for a while now, it has taken until now for me to actually see one in the flesh… err, plastic.

The timing of the ads appearing in Australia coincided pretty nicely with the Global Atheist Convention last month. In a way this is great, but it also sucks that the Atheist Foundation of Australia probably won’t be able to gauge the effectiveness of each event (in terms of website hits or other means) due to the fact that they happened almost simultaneously. The ads are spreading and can now be found in countries including Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the USA, Canada, and Ireland.

According to the Atheist Foundation of Australia website, the ads have been a success and we may be seeing more of these types of ads in the future so keep your eyes (and minds) open.


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