National Science Week 2010 – Part 2

  • Scinema – Monday, August 16th and Friday, August 20th

Scinema is an annual scientific film festival which screens during Science Week. There are a range of films in the program, covering a broad range of topics. This year I saw the following films:

Nano You:

Spain, UK. D. Tom Mustill. 17mins An introduction to the strange new world of Nanoscience, narrated by Stephen Fry. Where and what is nano? How will it shape our future? 2010 Winner – Best Short Film.

How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer:

Australia. D. Annamaria Talas. 54mins. Three mathematicians reveal a new view of the world as     they unfold the science behind the popular trivia game “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”. 2010 Winner – Best Film.

Do You Know What Time it is?:

UK D. Paul Olding. 55mins. Professor Brian Cox asks the simplest of questions “What time is it?” but the answer takes him on an unexpected journey.      Winner – 2010 Award for Scientific Merit.

All of the films I saw were great, and pitched at just the right level which is something difficult to do in popular science media. And it always helps to have wonderful personalities like Stephen Fry and Brian Cox involved.

I am lucky that for the past two years I have been able to view some of the Scinema films at either my work, or at Other Half’s work. I would love to see Scinema distributed more widely, screened at more public locations and receive more publicity in the future. Whilst browsing the Scinema website for info for this post, I found a request for volunteers to help promote the event, so next year I will offer my services. It would thrill me to see Scinema showing to larger audiences at venues like ACMI or the Capitol Theatre during Science Week.

In the next Science Week post: The Stupid Species

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