National Science Week 2010 – Part 3

  • The Stupid Species – Wednesday August 18th, Kaleide Theatre, RMIT

Ex-Hungry Beast presenter and current ABC Science Show reporter Dan Keogh presented a show titled ‘The Stupid Species’ at RMIT in the city. The idea behind the talk was something along the lines of, ‘why do we think we are so great, but other people are just idiots?’. Dan presented videos of a couple of  cool social experiments he did, one getting people to answer questions with replies that they knew were wrong, but were convinced to say, just to conform with the other people in the room who were knowingly saying the wrong answers.  The other video was of uni students getting drunk on alcohol-free beverages – something I have witnessed myself in the past!

      Keogh is an accomplished performer, with a relaxed yet engagaging delivery style, a quirky, memorable on-stage persona (Professor Funk) and excellent use of Powerpoint. His overview of phenomena like the Dunning-Kruger Effect and other cognitive biases was accessible enough to those who hadn’t read about such things before, but also still entertaining to those of us who’ve read and heard a lot about them. I look forward to more stories from Dan on the Science Show in the future.

      In the next Science Week post: Sci-Ku

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