George Hrab Hits Melbourne with Styrofoam

On Tuesday November 30th, George Hrab, of the Geologic Podcast and Philadelphia Funk Authority played the Melbourne leg of his Styrofoam tour at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton. I arrived a few minutes after the show was due to start as a result of an extended attempt to find a parking spot (I am not that familiar with the inner North), grabbed myself a soft drink from the bar and got settled seconds before Geo began his performance.

I have listened back to the recording of ‘Far’ a few times now and each time I found myself grinning a dopey dorkfaced grin of reminiscence. Like a puppy looking at a picture of a puppy having puppies… or something.

The overwhelming feeling I got from George’s performance was that he was really enjoying being there and performing in front of the enthusiastic audience. In addition to singing a bunch of his songs, accompanied by acoustic guitar, there was also an ‘Ask George (woof!)’ session, some spoken word and a totally cool iPhone beatbox thingo (you had to be there for that one).

I came away from the night with an ‘I heart Hrab’ badge, and a signed copy of the tour poster. I chose the one on which George had written ‘FIZ!’, which kind of appealed to the chemist in me for some reason…



It was great to see that a free, fan-organised gig could go off so fabulously well. I must extend heartfelt thanks to George, for making the trip down to Melbourne, and all those who helped to organise the event, in particular Catherine Donaldson and the Young Australian Skeptics.

More Science Baking Adventures

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (for those playing along at home, my age is the only number between a square and a cube*) and as my birthday gift from Other Half, I requested these laboratory cookie cutters.

Knowing that I heart all things ThinkGeek, (and probably also to make the international shipping costs more worth it) he also got me ‘The Solution’ t-shirt, a pi ice cube tray (I already have that shirt!) and periodic table fridge magnets. To be honest, I am a little disappointed with the magnets, the whole sheet is only A4 size so they’re really small.

Anyway, getting back to the point of the post which was science biscuits… I made a bunch and decorated them with green, blue (the most science-y colours!) and white royal icing and you can see the results below. I was pretty damn pleased with how they turned out too. I used the recipe that came with the cutters which was a really nice vanilla sugar cookie recipe. It could be easily modified for other flavours and I will probably use it again.

I’m planning on using them again, this time to make gingerbread shapes to give to my colleagues for Christmas. Being fellow chemistry nerds (although not quite as nerdy as I), I’m sure they will appreciate them.


*That’s 26, 52 = 25 and 33 = 27