More Science Baking Adventures

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (for those playing along at home, my age is the only number between a square and a cube*) and as my birthday gift from Other Half, I requested these laboratory cookie cutters.

Knowing that I heart all things ThinkGeek, (and probably also to make the international shipping costs more worth it) he also got me ‘The Solution’ t-shirt, a pi ice cube tray (I already have that shirt!) and periodic table fridge magnets. To be honest, I am a little disappointed with the magnets, the whole sheet is only A4 size so they’re really small.

Anyway, getting back to the point of the post which was science biscuits… I made a bunch and decorated them with green, blue (the most science-y colours!) and white royal icing and you can see the results below. I was pretty damn pleased with how they turned out too. I used the recipe that came with the cutters which was a really nice vanilla sugar cookie recipe. It could be easily modified for other flavours and I will probably use it again.

I’m planning on using them again, this time to make gingerbread shapes to give to my colleagues for Christmas. Being fellow chemistry nerds (although not quite as nerdy as I), I’m sure they will appreciate them.


*That’s 26, 52 = 25 and 33 = 27

One Comment on “More Science Baking Adventures”

  1. i ate one of these and it was delicious! :D))

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