Video Project for Science Communication Course

Here lies the post in which I show you the video project I made for the science communication course I mentioned in my previous post. It’s supposed to be a Catalyst-style video about my research, pitched at a general audience. I tried to incorporate a lot of the techniques that Graham talked about in the course; narration, to-camera pieces, zooming, cutting, ‘wallpaper’ (generic sciencey looking lab footage). I’ve also tried to avoid the use of any jargon, which consequently rules out talking about any of the actual details of my research, but thems the breaks eh?

I was really happy with the feedback I got from Graham which was that it was a good video, especially considering it is the first one I’ve made. He said I used images that people could relate to, and explained the science in a manner that people were able to understand. Before he called to tell me this, I’d sent him an email joking that I really needed his opinions because I was going to drop out of my PhD and enrol in film school depending on his feedback. He did check with me that I was just kidding about this, so that made sure I wasn’t going to get too much of a big head about it! The area that he said I could improve on was to make my to-camera and voiceover pieces more conversational and less scripted, which is valid and fair criticism. I certainly wasn’t prepared for how unnatural it would feel to be doing those things. I’ve even used the best takes from probably 5 or 6 repeats of each section, so clearly there is a lot of room for improvement.

So here it is, this is the first video I’ve EVER made. Seeing as this is the interwebz, I know you’re all going to be really nice and supportive about it and not say horrible things or troll me or make me feel embarrassed or point out mistakes that I’ve made. OK? THANKS.

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