Who’s a Real Scientist? I’m a Real Scientist!

For one whole week starting 7 PM tomorrow night (AEST) I will be tweeting from the curated twitter account @realscientists. Real Scientists is a totally awesome rotational twitter account run by totally awesome twitter people which you can find out more about here. So far there have been loads of really interesting scientists and science-related people tweeting for Real Scientists, so I have some clown-sized shoes to fill.

The account currently has in excess of 2,600 followers, which is close to a bazillion more followers than I have on my regular twitter account, @reneewebs (eep!). If, perchance, you happen to follow me but not Real Scientists, consider this your first official warning.

I think I am the first chemist to have the honour of tweeting for Real Scientists, so twittersphere – prepared to be chemified! Follow my adventures in chromatography, from the dizzying highs of a time-of-flight mass spectrometer flight tube to the chillying lows of cryogenic modulation.

See you on the twit-side!

2 Comments on “Who’s a Real Scientist? I’m a Real Scientist!”

  1. […] next RealScientist curator, Renée Webster of Monash University. As Renée has pointed out at her blog, she’s the very first chemist we’ve had on RS, but not the sort of chemist you can […]

  2. […] following Renee on her blog, and on Twitter. Next week: Lepidoptery with Dr Andy Warren. Because lepidoptery is awesome and […]

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