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I’m a full time analytical chemist and part time PhD student. You can connect with me or find out more at my website.

3 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Great work! One thing that may be a concern is that the aroma compounds that adsorbed on to the fibre may be different to the ones released after heating the fibre. How remote is this possibility? Is there some way to measure the compounds as they came out without adsorbing them onto a fibre?

    • lostinscientia says:

      Good question! You can actually buy different fibres that have different affinities for certain chemicals, so it’s possible that some of the aroma compounds were not attracted to the fibre I used and so didn’t get analysed. I used a ‘universal’ type fibre but undoubtedly if I’d used a different kind, the results would have been slightly different. There are other ways to do this type of analysis without using a SPME fibre. There are many other types of sorbent materials that can be used, direct analysis of the headspace air or a technique called purge-and-trap, lots of options!

  2. Bern Young says:

    Hi Renee .. I’d like to get in touch with you about the Vegemite aroma research you did .. could you please email me? young.bernadette@abc.net.au

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