Chemistry Blogroll

A Chemical Education

A Radical Approach

A Retrosynthetic Life

Advanced GC-MS Blog

Adventures in Chemistryland

Adventures of Indianalytics

Am I Boron You?


Anatune Blog

Andre the Chemist

At the Interface

Atoms and Numbers

Behind NMR Lines

Berate My Professor

Better Living Through Chemistry

Brighton Scientist


Carmen Drahl (Forbes)

Casual Science

CEN Onion

Cheersical Education

Chem Cafe

Chem Scrapes



ChemConnector Blog

Chemical Blogspace

Chemical Connections

Chemical Space

Chemically Active

Chemically Cultured

Chemicals are your Friends

Chemily Blogs


Chemistry and Computers

Chemistry and Life

Chemistry Apprentice

Chemistry Blog

Chemistry Hall

Chemistry in Pictures

Chemistry Intersection

Chemistry Matters

Chemistry Reflux

Chemistry World Blog




Colorblind Chemistry

Common Chemist

Compound Interest

Crystallography 365

Cubist Crystal

Curious Wavefunction

Doctor Galactic and the Labcoat Cowboy

Domestic Science

Dr Chris Pook

Dr Joaquin Barosso’s Blog

Dr Megsie


Emily Reacts

Errant Science

Everyday Scientist


FX’s Blog

FYEAH Chemistry

Hood Scientist

In the Pipeline

It’s the Rheo Thing

Just Like Cooking



Lamentations on Chemistry

Liberal Arts Chemistry

Lounge of the Lab Lemming

Magic Acid

Mass Spectrometry Blog

Master Organic Chemistry

Matthew’s Chemistry Blog


Molecular Design

Mr Science Show

Must Love Science

Natural Product Man

Nature’s Poisons


Not the Lab

OChem Prep

Org Prep Daily

Open Flask

PhD Comics

Philosophically Disturbed

Pickled Hedgehog

Picture it… Chemistry

Pictures from an Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Practical Fragments

Real Scientists

Science for Life. 365

Slow and Deliberate

Surface Interactions and Soft Matter

Sylvain Deville

Synthetic Remarks


Tales from the Critical State

The Bunsen Boerner

The Chemical Blog

The Chronicle Flask

The Collapsed Wavefunction

The Collision Cell

The Crimson Alkemist

The Culture of Chemistry

The Dose Makes the Poison

The IP Alchemist

The Nature of the Chemical Blog

The Organic Solution

The Quantum Chymist

The Sceptical Chymist

The Scientist Next Door

The Stoichiometric Equivalent

The Thesis Whisperer

The Unemployed Chemist

The View From the Lab

There Once Was a Chemist

What’s UR Rxn?

Whimsical Science


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