All About Life Campaign Update

I don’t know how I missed this when I first blogged about the AAL campaign but the Young Australian Skeptics posted today a link to the alternate site Jesus, All About Lies.  The site is great, with some much better piss-take versions of the ads than my poor attempts and also good, serious critiques of Christianity.  I’ll be adding this one to my RSS reader.

Creation – The movie about the life of Charles Darwin

Due for release in Australia in the first half of 2010, Creation is a movie about Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species. Starring Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connolly, the film explores the relationship between Charles and Emma, how they coped with the loss of a child and the ramifications of the publication of Darwin’s great book. Bettany and Connolly are married in real life, and should have excellent on-screen chemistry.

The film was debuted last week at the Toronto Film Festival, and there has been some concern that it won’t be distributed in The States.
However as Larry Moran points out at Sandwalk, this may all be a ploy to drum up publicity or start a bidding war. As a film that is getting a mainstream release, I suspect there will probably be not a lot of science in the movie but that won’t stop me dragging Other Half along to see it.

You can view the trailer here.

Pre-order Fail

As per my previous post, I pre-ordered The Greatest Show on Earth through Amazon. Although the Aussie Dollar was doing very well at the time against the Greenback and I’ve saved myself ~$15 from buying in the shops, it has been released here already! 3 weeks before it is due out in The States. Boo. Waiting, waiting…

Richard Dawkins – Greatest Show on Earth preview

When I opened my iGoogle page this morning I saw that PZ Myers of Pharyngula had posted a link to an excerpt from Richard Dawkins soon-to-be-released book The Greatest Show on Earth.

I devoured the little morsel rather quickly and can’t wait for the arrival of the full book in September. PZ says that the book isn’t available until September 22nd in the States, but the Angus and Robertson page says it’s available here in Australia on September 1st… Not too sure about how correct that information is.

*runs off to pre-order*

Richard Dawkins to visit Melbourne in March 2010

Through the Young Australian Skeptics, I have learned that Melbourne will be hosting an Atheist convention in March 2010.

Amongst the speakers already confirmed are Richard Dawkins and Phillip Adams.

You can find out more here and register your interest to attend.